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Snatched - Cinemaholic Movie Reviews
one person's obsessive addiction to film
Directing: B
Acting: B+
Writing: B
Cinematography: B
Editing: B+

I might as well make this one short: Snatched is not great, but neither is it as bad as a lot of people seem to want you to think it is. It's just silly, which seems to have been all it was going for. Tearing it apart with a keenly critical eye really seems to miss the point. Is it funny? Yes, it is.

I mean, I laughed, anyway. I found this movie to deliver laughs with surprising consistency, actually; on that front, it really never sags, at least not for long. It fully fulfills its promise of being ninety minutes of silly entertainment.

I mean, sure, there's a lot wrong with it, not least of which is how Goldie Hawn, here returning to the screen for the first time in fifteen years, is criminally underused. She has more screen time than anyone besides Amy Schumer, sure, but this is very much Schumer's movie. Just as she was in 2015's overrated Trainwreck, here she plays a cluelessly narcissistic young woman, who ultimately finds value in a relationship she takes for granted -- this time with her mother (played by Goldie Hawn). The curious irony is that while Trainwreck was overrated, right out of the gate Snatched is underrated -- and they really meet in the middle, being of about the same level of quality.

But at least Snatched doesn't take on any airs of having any more depth than it really has. It has no agenda other than to entertain and make you laugh. If you're among the legions who despise Amy Schumer, then by all means, avoid this movie. Why bother wasting your breath shitting on it? Go watch another Fast and Furious movie. Admittedly, neither is Snatched going to be regarded by Schumer fans as any kind of cinema masterpiece. But what idiot is coming to a movie like this expecting such a thing? I just keep coming back to the same point: it made me laugh, and even more than I expected it to.

Granted, the story is more compelling before the Ecuadorians kidnap Emily and her mother Linda, with the evident goal of getting ransom from Emily's hermit brother (The Mindy Project's Ike Barinholtz). Or at least, the laughs are more frequent, before Emily and Linda find themselves on the run in the jungle, with echoes of better movies like Romancing the Stone in their wake. Honestly, in more adept hands, Snatched could have been way better, and even funnier. But how often is that not the case, really? Anyone coming to this movie expecting anything better is deluded.

And in spite of Goldie Hawn not being given near enough opportunity to showcase her well known talents (not nearly to the degree that Schumer is, anyway), it is nevertheless a true delight to see her onscreen again at all. We can only hope that it doesn't take another decade and a half for her to find herself in a role better suited to her. As Linda, Hawn is fine. The thing is, Goldie Hawn is better than that.

Whether the same could be said of Amy Schumer in the role of Emily is up for debate, I suppose. For me, she delivers. She would likely flourish to much greater effect in better material, but for now, this is what we've got. And she does have a unique comic delivery. It's not for everyone, but this is an established comic actress with a loyal fan base. That base is who this movie caters to, and while it hardly elevates her, it is effective. Sometimes all you want is harmless, silly, ridiculous entertainment. Add Wanda Sykes and Joan Cusack as fellow vacationers with special ops training and they are just icing on the cake. I mean, it's not the best cake you've ever tasted, but it's sweet and tasty with a singular kick.


Overall: B
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