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Land Ho! - Cinemaholic Movie Reviews
one person's obsessive addiction to film
Land Ho!
Directing: B
Acting: B
Writing: B
Cinematography: B+
Editing: B

If you're looking for moderate amusement, Land Ho! is the movie for you! Okay, I don't mean to sound flippant. I actually did enjoy this movie, even though it felt like it ended with odd suddenness, with no clear-cut ending.

One could argue there was no clear-cut ending needed. One could also argue that it's better that this movie not be too funny, lest it trigger heart attacks in its typically geriatric audiences. I wonder what it says about me that I keep coming to these movies?

I want to be fair to this movie. But that does mean that, although there is a sequence with a couple of younger women, young people -- and by young I mean those for whom youth is still a recent memory -- on average aren't going to be interested in it. This is indeed a movie about old people, made for old people. But it's a kind of fun one.

Earl Lynn Nelson plays Mitch, a man forced to retire six months ago who is a little cock-obsessed, a somewhat stereotypical old-man horn dog, the kind everyone just tolerates as though he's cute even though he's a mite inappropriate. He dupes his ex-brother-in-law and good friend Colin, played by Paul Eenhoorn, into an all-expenses-paid trip to Iceland. This trip is the bulk of the movie.

Mitch and Colin are a somewhat odd couple. It's never clear where they live now, only where they are from: Mitch is from New Orleans, with a pretty thick Southern accent; Colin is originally from Australia. Years before, they were married to women who were sisters. Colin is recently separated from his second wife and Mitch declares he needs cheering up. Mitch is trying to fill his time in retirement.

It's been a while even since Mitch and Colin have seen each other, but they fall easily into old rhythms of their friendship. It's a testament to the actors' performances, particularly given their divergent origins, that their long history is so believable. They feel very comfortable together.

And that's a good word for this whole movie: comfortable. It's never hilarious but there are several good laughs. More often than not, it's just amusing, watching these two old guys travel the Icelandic countryside. There's never any major conflict. It's a little like we're just going along on this vacation with these two old guys -- both of whom, to their credit, seem like they'd be more fun to hang out with than most guys there age. Even though Mitch sometimes walks the line with creepiness.

We get title cars for each of their stops in Iceland. By the end of the movie, they're at their final stop, a spa. And that's it. It's like they reached the end of their trip, so the movie's over. It's weirdly anticlimactic, but I suppose it works, in its way.

Paul Eenhoorn and Earl Lynn Nelson are two old in-laws/friends exploring the Icelandic countryside in LAND HO!

Overall: B
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