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Finding Nemo in 3D - Cinemaholic Movie Reviews
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Finding Nemo in 3D
Directing: B+
Acting: A-
Writing: B+
Cinematography: A
Editing: A
Animation: A+

Can anyone believe Finding Nemo originally came out nine years ago? And when it did, critics reacted like it was the greatest thing since animated sliced bread. To a degree, they were right: Pixar Animation Studios had seriously upped the ante with their CG renderings, offering something nearly as new and impressive as their game-changing Toy Story only eight years before that.

One wonders how this movie's massive box office might have been goosed at the time had they been able to release it in 3D then. Easily the most impressive thing about it was the visuals: the color and the detail of the Great Barrier Reef and other ocean floor settings. It was so vivid it was awe inspiring.

I've long been declaring the whole 3D thing a fad, a racket, a waste of money used to inflate box office receipts. This is still largely true, but there seems to be a tend of late where at least some people are making good use of it. Studios rushing to retrofit films they just shot, like Clash of the Titans, or even shooting in 3D just because it's an Event Movie, like The Avengers, are clearly just trying to cash in. But if there's any studio made for 3D retrofitting, it's Pixar.

Finding Nemo is an excellent choice. I won't say that making this movie 3D makes all the difference in the world; it would easily be just as entertaining and a perfectly worthy theatre-going experience in 2D. But they did a good job with the 3D conversion, and those Great Barrier Reef landscapes do pop just a little bit more, and are just a bit more vivid. I didn't regret paying the premium for it.

Beyond that, this is a film that holds up remarkably well; it's not really hyperbole to call it a timeless classic, even after only a decade. Admittedly, even at cartoons, I can get a little too literal for my own good: what's with the shark support group trying not to eat fish? What are they supposed to eat, then? Okay, the whole "sharks on a 12 step program" thing is still pretty funny.

The core the story here is quintessential Disney, though: the love of a parent for his child. The child, Nemo (voice by Alexander Gould, who is now a young man of 18), gets snatched by a scuba diver and taken back to a fish tank in Sydney, Australia. His dad, Marlin (a perfectly cast Albert Brooks), spends the movie in search of him, as the title suggests. Along the way he finds the character that is arguably the most beloved: Dorie, the forgetful fish voiced wonderfully by Ellen DeGeneres.

But you already knew all that, of course. And if you didn't, what the hell is wrong with you? Why haven't you seen this movie? Finding Nemo easily takes its place among the very best of Pixar's films, which at the time didn't distinguish it as much since everything they did was exceptional; it's slightly more notable now that the studio has spawned a few lesser works. It's truly a warm, funny, expertly crafted story that will entertain adults to the very same degree that it will mesmerize children.

Mind you, I don't quite think it's the greatest thing since animated sliced bread. But, in retrospect, I think it's pretty close -- it appears closer now than it did to me in 2003, when I went with such massively high expectations that I could only be disappointed. I should have only expected something solid and worth seeing. That's what it is.

But now, we've got a little something extra with the third dimension. You even get fun little orange 3D glasses with clown fish markings on the arms. Incidentally, 2D versions are being shown with this re-release as well, and if you don't feel like paying the premium for 3D, that would still be sufficient. This is a movie best experienced on the big screen, period; it doesn't really matter how many dimensions it's in. I did pay the premium and I wasn't disappointed.

Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres react differently to the dimensions in front of them in FINDING NEMO in 3D.

Overall: A-
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